Saturday, May 30, 2020

Baking with Sorghum

During these months of quarantine, our family has done a lot of cooking and baking, as many others probably did as well.

It was good to stretch ourselves and in doing so, gain some new these!

When our family went gluten and dairy free back in 2008, it was very stretching for me. I basically had to learn a whole new way of feeding my family, as well as providing snacks and treats.

Today it feels quite normal to cook and bake that way (though in all honesty, I don't do much baking if it's just Dave and I at home!) and I genuinely prefer it. But there were some recipes from the past that just didn't go forward into our future, like chocolate chip cookies. We tried, but never landed on anything that was similar to a good old Nestles Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie.

It "only" took twelve years to finally find the answer to that problem!

Claire's handwritten notes for me! If you try this out, you don't have to refrigerate the dough; bake at 180 C until golden brown, 12-15 minutes! They're best after they've cooled; and even better if you put them into the freezer!
(Also, here in Czech we use Rama jednoduše rostlinná as a substitute for butter)

It was Claire who made the discovery of this recipe, which uses sorghum flour (for Czech friends: mouka čiroku, found at Albert) and ground flaxseed.

Where has sorghum flour been for the past 12 years?! 😂 It has become a new favorite to use in baking!

Up until today, Claire has been the one to make them on week-ends for us. But I pulled out my rusty baking skills and attempted them today, using a scale for precise measurements. I felt a little bit like a scientist as I measured and prepared the dough, but am happy to say the results were just about as good as Claire's cookies have been over the past few months!

Of course, if you don't need to worry about gluten and dairy, go for the original Tollhouse recipe! But if  that's not available for you, I highly recommend trying these out.

HERE is the recipe online.

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