Sunday, November 15, 2015

Judah at Home

My heart is positively bursting with bliss and joy over this little fellow. How sweet it is, and a huge privilege, to share in his first days at home.

Claire spent last night with me, and today we went over to Tyler and Lara's so she could take some photos of dear Judah. Oh this sweet little man!! I can hardly take the cuteness!

While she snapped photos with her camera, I did the same with my phone, capturing things I want to remember about him when I'm back home in Czech.

Yes, even faces like this!

He's really more like this, though of course I enjoy him no matter what!

What a good sport he was about having his picture taken today. And can't wait to see what Aunt Claire captured!

I continue to love watching Tyler and Lara settle into parenthood. It's so precious to watch them love and care for their son. What a treasured gift to spend this time with them, and with him.

"Oh Lord, your goodness overflows these days! Thank you for creating this precious boy, our dear Judah. I bless you for your kindness in letting me be here to see him in his early days of life! You are GOOD."

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