Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Trot Tradition

On a chilly Thanksgiving morning, the fourth annual Josiah Venture Turkey Trot was off to the races, costumes and all! (Thank you Hartman's and Shelby!)

As many JV staff and kids who wanted to met up early this morning at a nearby lake with a great five kilometer path around it.

Even dogs and little ones take place in this traditional JV family event.

With no one else around since: 1. it's not Thanksgiving for anyone in Czech; 2. it's a school morning for Czech kids and 3. it's chilly out, there's no one but us to enjoy the beautiful morning atmosphere.

We gather on the hillside to grab a group photo (it's our largest turnout yet!).

And quickly "GO!" is shouted out and the race is on!

While some really do race (I never did hear the winner..."JV staff at the start of the race: clue me in to who won!"), mostly it's just a good chance for fellowship and fun to start off our day of thanksgiving.

The early morning mist, and glow of the rising sun on the lake, gives a great atmosphere for enjoying a beautiful Turkey Trot!

And there was a sense of accomplishment when we all made it around the lake!

Now that we've done our "trotting," it's time to head to the hotel and move on with the rest of our day of celebration. Thanksgiving Day is off to a great start!

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