Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gifts and Guests

This morning, while visiting Lara at their home, I had the joy of witnessing one of the sweetest gift giving moments.

We stepped outside for a few minutes and before we knew it, her 90 year old neighbor lady stepped out of her house too. She called over to Lara to say she had something for her...well, for Judah, really!

How precious is that! A baby blanket knitted for him by dear Rosa. Such kindness! I loved hearing her talk about her life, some of her stories, and of her love for her own daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She's quite a lady!

This evening another gift, in the form of guests, arrived on a plane.

My mom and dad flew from Eugene, Oregon to spend time with their grandchildren while we await their great-grandson's birth!

They came bearing gifts too...a little special somebody from my brother, Uncle Mike!

He remembers that Tyler loved Tigger (because it started with a "T"!) as a little boy so thought it appropriate that his son have one of his own!

While tomorrow is the due date, we don't know when he'll actually arrive. But for sure, Judah is well loved already and much anticipated by all!


  1. Yes Judah is soooo anticipated! Looking forward to our new family member and all of the joys that brings.
    Tyler does not remember the time when we watched the Tiger VHS over and over again when he was 1 yr old in Chicago but his UM remembers how much he enjoyed it.

  2. This is such a sweet post! Great to see your parents in Chicago!!! Thinking of you, praying for Lara and Judah Love Ingrid