Friday, November 27, 2015

JV Family Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our JV family who gathered at Malenovice this year!

Celebrating Thanksgiving with this bunch of JV staff from Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and Germany is quite a special occasion.

There is something really wonderful about gathering around tables and just having time for long, lingering conversations with friends over an incredible assortment of food and desserts that everyone contributes to.

You can see we are definitely not lacking anything! :)

It's a sweet time of getting to meet the newest team members, like Lydia with her mom, Miriam.

And spending time with friends of many years, Laura and Amy.

Watching families celebrate together is so delightful.

As is seeing all of our JV kids growing up so beautifully, inside and out!

Lia lives here in Frydlant with her family so I've had the joy of knowing her since birth and watching her grow up!

I'm thankful for this group of people who love the Lord and are so committed to serving him with their whole hearts. It's not easy being away from family and friends, especially on holidays, so it's all the more meaningful to gather together and be family with each other at times like this.

"JV Family: Thanks for a great time of celebrating and being family to each other! You're the best!"

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  1. I spy Kim's german chocolate cake! ;) Also, I'm glad to say I still recognize many of those faces in the photo!