Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Daddy and Judah

Indulge me, please!

I've only got three more days left before leaving for home in Czech. After that, pictures of precious grandson Judah will have to come from his mommy and daddy and probably won't find their way onto my blog too very often (though I can't promise never!).

But for now, I'm still here in the Chicago area. And I get to take daily update photos of this little fellow to my heart's content. It's kind of hard to stop when he's just so cute!

This evening's visit to Tyler and Lara's brought a new round of delight, especially in watching daddy and son together.

Yep, that's Judah under that blanket, in one of his most preferred positions so far!

It's hard to believe Judah is just five days old, yet holding his head up on his daddy's shoulder and already displaying such strength.

And some pretty cute personality too!

This face especially made me laugh! Oh Judah, what fun you already are for all of us.

But best of all is watching the interactions between Judah and his parents. Oh how sweet they are with him. They talk to him, look at him, carry him and relate to him as if they've been parents for ages, not just five days! What a blessing to feel nothing but admiration for them as they embark on the wonderful adventure of parenthood.

In true Tyler fashion, he is quickly becoming an expert at Judah - a skill that he's utilized many times over by fully diving into something new and figuring it out brilliantly. How awesome to see him doing that with his own son.

This little man sure is tucked in safe and sound with the sweetest and kindest mommy and daddy.

Tyler are Lara are going to do such a good job of raising Judah, which absolutely delights my heart!

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  1. Oh Con - Yes! Be indulged! And I love what you observed about Tyler as a daddy now - how he is becoming an expert in all things Judah. What a beautiful picture- and what an incredible gift for a father to give his son!