Thursday, November 5, 2015

Grandparent's Day in the City

With temps still in the 70's, my parents and I had headed downtown Chicago this morning.

The last time they were able to come meet up with our family in Chicago, Tyler was a freshman at Moody. A lot has changed since then!

He married Lara, graduated from Moody, began work at Intelligentsia, started his master's degree at Trinity Seminary, and is about to become a dad!

Today is actually the due date of their son, but since he hasn't arrived yet, Tyler is still working. And good thing because Bapa (my dad) needed coffee from his barista grandson this morning!

So fun that my parents could see him there this morning.

Next we drove over to Moody to see another grandchild!

After seeing Claire's apartment in Jenkins Hall, we went over to Plum Market, where Claire works on Saturdays, to enjoy lunch together.

After saying goodbye to her, we ran errands. Important ones.

You know, like great-grandparent gifts for Judah! :) So fun to have a reason to look at little people things again!

I love that I caught another hug happening back at Moody just a few hours after the other hug.

This time it was Caleb's turn to see his grandparents!

And Caleb's turn to make an espresso for Bapa!

Once he was off work at Joe's, the coffee shop on campus at Moody, we all headed over to have dinner with he and Haley.

Since Caleb and Haley will be moving from Chicago in December after Caleb graduates from Moody, this was my mom and dad's one and only time to get to see their first home. I'm so glad they got to have an evening there!

And it's always fun to watch Bapa and Caleb have a good time with each other!

As I was driving my mom and dad to various places today where they could see their grandkids, I couldn't help but think ahead twenty years or so. How I hope that I'll get to visit Judah, and any others that God may bless us with! I know my parents are loving seeing their grandkids, and I know I'd feel the same way!

Still no sign of Judah's arrival, even though today was his due date. But we know he'll be here soon!

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