Wednesday, November 11, 2015

He's on His Way

With baby Judah overdue by six days, Lara was scheduled for a special ultrasound this afternoon at a nearby hospital. Her doctor simply wanted to make sure that Judah is healthy and in no danger as they await his arrival.

Tyler and Lara kindly invited Traci and I to come with them for the appointment, which we happily agreed to. While there, the technician allowed us to be in the room while she did the 40 minute ultrasound, pointing out sweet details of Judah as she took various measurements, assuring us along the way that all was well.

At the end she stepped out of the room for a few minutes, and we began to talk about our dinner plans. "Burrito bowls okay for tonight?" I asked.

Just a few moments later the technician calmly walked back into the room and said, "I've consulted with the doctor here and we agree that it's time for your baby to come out. You'll receive a call from your doctor momentarily giving you instructions."

There was a moment of silence as I think we were all a bit stunned. I managed to ask, "You mean, as in, today? He's coming today?" She replied, "Yes, at least that's what we're recommending."

It was quite a different walk down the hall to the waiting room afterward than what had just taken place an hour earlier.

After a call to her doula, Lara's doctor called and all of sudden, reality hit for everyone. Judah would be on his way today.

After a few brief words and a hug between mom and daughter, Tyler and Lara left for home to pick up hers and Judah's bag while Traci and I rushed to the house we're staying at to pick up our things.

After a flurry of texts and phone calls to alert everyone that needed to know, we were off to the hospital. At 3:37 to be exact!

Thankfully Caleb, Haley and Claire were free to drive up from the city, to join Traci and I in the waiting room for however long it takes before Judah arrives.

Traci and I are still processing what it means that today is the day (as I'm sure Tyler and Lara are as they're in the labor and delivery room right now!). We've been talking about it, praying for our kids and grandson, and thinking of this day for so long that it's hard to believe it's, rather suddenly, THE day!

Though we miss our other family members, it's sweet to share this time with some of them.

The dad-to-be popped out for a bit to check in and let us know that Lara's doing fine.

Wow, I feel like I blinked my eyes and my boys grew up! So delighted by who they are as men, and they get to share this special day, the day Tyler becomes a dad, with each other.

To keep us all going for as long as this takes, Claire and I made a quick trip out to downtown Highland Park for dinner to sustain us. We have no idea if he'll be here before morning, and I'm wondering at this point if dinner will be the only meal we eat in the waiting room...or if breakfast will be on the menu as well.

We last saw Tyler here in the waiting room at 5:30 and it's now 9:15 PM. We know from the nurses that things are proceeding and that eventually, there WILL be a baby for us all to see. :)

Whether or not that will be today, November 11th, or tomorrow November 12th, remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for the details of Judah's birth!


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    1. 💃🏼 ( can you see the dancing girl? She didn't publish the first time!) just the details I've been looking forward to!!!!