Friday, November 6, 2015

Enjoying the Wait

The little boy to fill these shoes still hasn't made his appearance yet!

But these are very sweet days of enjoying time together every day with Tyler and Lara while we await their little boy's birth.

Lara's mom has already been here for more than a week, and her dad arrived from Tennessee two days ago. Soon Dave will be here (he arrives Sunday afternoon), and Caleb, Haley and Claire will come on Sunday too. The "troops" are rallying!

But it's so interesting...while we're all looking forward to meeting this little man, there has also been something so sweet about just having quiet, uninterrupted, restful time during this waiting period. Life has slowed down to a snail's pace and we're all enjoying it!

The normal pace of life will resume soon enough. For now, this is good and right being fully on God's agenda and time table.

I'm even going to bed early tonight just because I can!

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