Saturday, November 28, 2015

Many Talents

As always, our annual JV Kid talent show at Thanksgiving is definitely a highlight of each year's celebration! It's the hugest delight to cheer on these kids who have such a variety of talent.

While some of them perform certain skills at recitals in their own towns, often it's just parents, siblings and friends who are there for them. If they happen to have unique types of skills that aren't displayable at recitals, then the audience is even smaller.

But here at Malenovice for Thanksgiving, a JV Kid has all their "aunt, uncles and cousins" there to cheer them on, and enjoy whatever talent they want to bring - talents that might surprise you!

Four of our oldest JV Kids did a fantastic job of hosting the event, inviting up the younger kids, and honoring and encouraging their talents. It was beautiful to watch them throughout the evening!

And now for your enjoyment, I bring you the JV Missionary Kids, their first names, where they live, and a quick description of their awesome talents.

Caleb, Hungary - singing a song in Hungarian

Misa, Czech - leading Czech folk dancing with her mom and friends

Toby, Czech - singing in Czech

Hampton, Slovakia; Asher, Czech - three scenes acted out from super hero movies

Shaylee, Slovakia - super human trick of showing us a double chin!

Caden & Asher, Czech - brothers; creating a computer generated voice background and then singing along to it

Hayes, Czech - reading aloud a story he wrote

Natalia, Poland - rhythmic gymnastics with a ribbon

Former JV Kid, now JV staff! Hudson, Slovakia - lip sync to Julie Andrews "I Have Confidence"!

Beniah, Czech - Leading us in "Find the Wookie" from a special book he loves

Gage, Slovakia - Showing us his cool drawings

Lia, Czech - singing a song she prepared by herself, without her mom and dad knowing!

Jaylin and Jayce, Slovakia - brother and sister; singing and playing the guitar

David, Poland - singing a song in German, his third language!

Myah, Poland - singing, with dad accompanying her

Tate, Slovakia - playing the piano

Juliette, Czech - singing a duet in Czech with her mom

Jayce, Slovakia - playing guitar

Kelsey, Poland - showing a PowerPoint of her many types of art

Gavin and Ian, Slovakia - brothers; sax and piano duet

Caleb, Czech - dance improvisation

And there you have the talent of our JV Kids for the 2015 Talent Show!

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