Sunday, November 1, 2015

Beautiful Chicago Sunday

This morning started with a drive to be with Tyler and Lara at their church in the city of Chicago.

As you can see, Judah's still safe and sound inside his mommy!

It was wonderful being with Tyler and Lara at their church, especially to see the recitation of the Word - in this case, a long passage in Isaiah done from memory by this woman. What a powerful tool of communication! It makes God's word really come alive.

Also loved seeing the body of Christ reach out to them as they enter this last (we hope!) week of pregnancy. Several prayed over them at different times throughout the morning. You always love knowing that others are caring for your children.

After saying goodbye to them and taking a drive across the city, I began part two of my Sunday.

Over on Mozart street I met up with Caleb, Haley and Claire who'd just returned from their church near Wheaton.

After yesterday's torrential downpour, Chicago put on its best clothes for this Sunday which meant we could take a walk through their neighborhood.

And go out for lunch together!

Living overseas during most of their college years in the States, it's a gift to have some "normal" days to do things like this. I certainly soaked it in!

After saying bye to Caleb and Haley, Claire and I popped into Tyler's Intelligentsia to say hi for a minute. Just because I could!

He had a break so took it with us. I loved watching these two talk and couldn't resist jumping up to capture a photo.

It's so special to me that our kids have been here in Chicago together during their college/seminary years, to share life and keep growing in relationship with each other.

The last joyful part of the day was spent at Claire's apartment at Moody where I got to live a little bit more of normal life by spending the night! It felt much like home as she did homework and I did a project during the evening as we sat in her cozy living room.

She was finishing a paper on this book!

But this time it was her making dinner for us, brewing tea for me and preparing my bed! She's a great hostess! "Thank you Claire for having me stay with you!"

My heart and soul are filled up after a sweet day of being with all our children.

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