Thursday, November 19, 2015

Last Day, For Now

As this day dawned, I didn't want to head into. Why? It's the last day, for now, with Tyler, Lara and Judah.

It reminded me of the last day six and a half years ago, before we put Tyler on a plane to the US, bound for college in Chicago. How clearly I remember waking up and not wanting it to be "the" day. "Too hard, too much, too sad," my heart was crying as I thought about saying goodbye to my first child leaving home.

And so I felt this morning when I woke. This time the goodbye is not just to some of my kids, but to a grandson. That's brings up a whole new level of emotion.

Yet, time doesn't stop. You get up the same as any day and head into it, knowing God's "got you" and that you'll get through it somehow.

After a fun trip to Babies R Us to do some shopping for Judah (thanks to a gift card from a dear friend of mine), we headed back to their house for the last evening together.

One part of me didn't want to take any photos, but only live right in the moment with Tyler, Lara and Judah.

But I know myself! I knew I'd regret that when I'm back home in Czech trying to remember what it felt like to see Tyler and Lara hold their son, what it felt like for me to hold my grandson. So a few photos were taken to remember.

And I'm so glad I did! I want to remember moments like this of seeing my daughter-in-law so in love already with her little son.

And how glad I am to remember what it felt like to have Judah snuggled up close to me.

And even to remember the deep emotion I felt in that last moment of saying goodbye to him.

As I handed Judah back to his mommy, and took one last photo of the three of them before leaving, I felt my heart positively bursting with love for this dear little family.

While it's the last day with them for now, and I do feel sad about that, I am also feeling so utterly grateful to the Lord, and to them, for letting me share in these early days of their new family. It's a memory I'll treasure forever.

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