Monday, November 2, 2015

In Their World

City of Chicago, 6:45 AM, Monday morning.

After spending the night with Claire, she and I were up and out early, heading for the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority).

The city is bustling at that hour of the morning. I'm sure many have already been at work, perhaps even for a few hours, in an attempt to beat rush hour!

Why were Claire and I amongst the rush hour crowd??

Fresh, warm, gluten free doughnuts at Do-rite in the Chicago Loop!

When in Chicago, it's just one of those things that must be done! Claire and I have been planning it for a while, anticipating the fun of getting there and back before her first 8 AM class.

After a quick stop at one of her favorite coffee shops, Intelligentsia in the Loop, we rushed back to CTA.

Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you're in a movie? That's how I felt this morning, like Sandra Bullock and the crew for "While You Were Sleeping" would pop out any moment!

As we rode the train back, crossing the river and heading towards Moody, I delighted in all the sights and sounds of city, and the joy of sharing them with Claire this morning.

We made it back just in time for her Systematic Theology class - the first Moody class that I've ever sat in on! Just one session left me with profound thoughts on the attributes of God, the topic of this morning's lecture by Dr. Clark.

I accompanied Claire to one more class, then left to go downtown again, this time to see Haley at work at Peet's Coffee!

My day ended back at the house north of Chicago where I'm staying right now, visiting with these two!

Thankful to the Lord for precious times of connecting with and being in the same world as my kids.

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