Sunday, November 29, 2015

Language of Worship

This morning was my first time back at our church in Frydlant after many weeks of travel. Oh how I loved worshipping under the leadership of these dear ones.

Do you know that we sing in at least three different languages most Sundays? Since our church is multi-national, our worship teams usually include songs in others languages. Notice English in the above photo?

This morning we sang in Czech, Slovak and English. But sometimes we sing in German (our pastor's wife is from Germany) and we've sung songs in Polish too.

If we were to cover all the nationalities represented in our church over the years we'd sing in Russian, Korean and Mongolian as well! (and probably I'm forgetting some of the languages of people who've been in our church)

But no matter the language, singing praises to the Lord crosses over borders, cultures and boundaries, allowing us to enter into his presence with hearts that long to give him adoration. In some ways I love to sing in all those different languages, even if I don't understand every word, as it reminds me that one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus as Lord.

What will it be like someday to stand around the throne praising him in every language with people of all nations? And to understand it all?!! Oh what a day that will be!

I'm thankful for the holy ground of worship that I get to experience each week at my little church here in Frydlant.

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