Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Friends of Tyler and Lara are letting those of who are here awaiting the birth of Judah stay at their house.

But part of the deal is that we take care of their dog, Goldie, while they are away.

Twelve years old, and blind, she's a Golden Retriever with the sweetest personality, and some spunkiness still left in her, as exhibited this morning while she hung out with me.

Any guesses what's going on in that photo?? I'd just stepped out of the room for a minute, leaving my coffee and a muffin on the table. As I walked back in, I watched her swallow the entire muffin, paper and all, and then search for the crumbs left on the floor! Grabbing my phone, I captured the "evidence" of her spunkiness!

Nice of her to avoid spilling my coffee! A devoured muffin was better than cleaning up a mess. I now know that even though she can't see, she can smell! Lesson learned.

She doesn't like to sleep alone so is in my room with me tonight. Yes, I'm a softy when it comes to dogs. Especially an old lovable one like Goldie!

Yes, that's her blanket that she sleeps with!

If I can't have my little Cavalier, Kaylee, with me, I'm glad to have another faithful companion keeping me company while I'm here in the States!

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