Sunday, November 8, 2015

Unexpected Joy

A few weeks ago we took a family photo that I assumed would be the last one before our grandson was born.

I was wrong!

We had the unexpected joy of spending today together with the whole family, including Dave who flew in this morning from Berlin. He met up at the Chicago airport with Claire who also flew in after being at a wedding this week-end.

Dave wasn't supposed to be back in the States after he left for England last Saturday to speak at a pastor's conference. But after some juggling of his schedule we figured out a way for him to return to share in these last days leading up to Judah's birth.

Judah isn't here yet, which means we had a whole day of just hanging out with each other. Literally!

Caleb and Haley picked up Dave and Claire at the airport to bring them to the house we're staying at so we could all connect before our day together began.

Who can resist a pond and a canoe? Especially on such a gorgeous fall day!

There was a lot of laughter and fun as we began our afternoon together, including these two showing off their mustaches!

All eleven of us headed out to lunch, delighted by a new restaurant with Mediterranean food called "Roti" which even had gluten free pita bread!

It was so nice to have a leisurely time enjoying being together, especially with Pat and Traci, Lara's mom and dad, who we haven't had time all together with since our children were married three and a half years ago! "Thanks for giving us a reason to hang out Tyler and Lara!"

The gracious hosts of the home we're staying in have let us take over their house while they're away, which has meant having plenty of space to spread out in. How I loved seeing my guys together this evening.

While the girls, my mom and I made dinner, Claire took to baking and blessed us with fancy little "bábovka's", the Czech cakes that our kids grew up on. What a treat!

The guys watched some football...

We played games in the basement after dinner...

And had a thoroughly enjoyable family time from start to finish!

Judah was on the move inside his mommy tonight, but with no signs of coming any time soon.

That's okay as this little man, even while still inside his mommy, has his own special way of bringing us together which was super special today.

It couldn't have been a sweeter day together, so I'm thankful that he held off another day and gave us those precious hours of family time.

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