Saturday, February 16, 2019

Jackson Friends

Oh Jackson Hole, Wyoming! How beautiful you are!

With four and a half feet of snow falling just this week, and more in the forecast, it's a winter paradise of God's creation here, and we've loved getting to see it for a few days.

But our time here has passed all too quickly and this afternoon we were back at the airport, this time to take a commercial flight out (unlike how we arrived!).

Our dear friend Polly brought us, but there was another friend there to see us off too!

We met Manjola several years ago when visiting Jackson. She teaches at Jackson Hole Classical Academy, the classical school that Polly and her husband started five years ago.

L-R: Polly, me, Manjola

There are a lot of special things about this amazing woman, but one of the most unique is that she is Albanian!

Since Caleb and Haley now live in her country, we had so much fun this afternoon showing her pictures and talking about her beloved country that we now love too.

She grew up just a half hour from where they live in Vlorë (though back in the day, if I remember correctly, it took three hours to get there due to the road conditions), and would come to visit her aunt there in the summer. Crazy that of all the places Caleb and Haley could have located, it's in a place that our friend knows so well! I'm so glad we got to have a little bit of time with her on this short trip to Jackson.

After pictures and hugs with the two of them, we headed out to get onboard our flight, amidst the snowy conditions.

It's looking like February might be a record breaking month for snowfall here! The mounds of snow sure make it look like that.

Thank you Jackson friends for the wonderful visit!

Off we go to Chicago!

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