Saturday, February 16, 2019

Little Things

The flight into Chicago late this afternoon was beautiful, coming in over the clouds.

Of course that meant gray skies below, but even still, I always love the view coming into any and every place we get to fly.

As we waited for our bags at the usual Carousel 10 at O'Hare, I wondered how many times I've flown into the Windy City over the past thirty five years!  When I went on my first commercial flight as an 8 year old living in Eugene, Oregon, I sure never thought I'd take so many flights in my lifetime.

As we do in most every place we go, we went out to curbside to find the shuttle to our rental car agency. But for the first time in all these years of renting cars in Chicago, we had a surprise this evening.

After all these years, today we took a bus to one location where all the rental car agencies are! That may not seem like a big deal...but when you've waited out on the curb for a specific agency to finally send their shuttle, it felt like a small miracle to get on the bus that takes you to ALL the agencies - and we didn't have to wait at all!

In the process of having been built for six years, it was just a little bit thrilling to walk into a brand new building that just opened at the beginning of this month, and easily walk up to the counter of our rental agency to get our car!

And to do it with hardly anyone else there. Either they're really efficient, or it just happened to be a slow night.

All the cars are now inside a parking structure so you don't have to go outside in a blizzard, or in a heat wave, to pick up your car now!

Yes, it's the little things in life that make me happy. And this was definitely one of them today!

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