Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Prayer and Travel

Notice who joined us for breakfast at mom and dad Patty's this morning?

Dave's brother, Josh, who lives and serves with JV in Slovenia, was in Arizona for JV board meetings like us. He went somewhere else afterward, but then came to Denver to see mom and dad for a few days and we got to overlap for a family breakfast this morning! It still amazes me that this is the house they grew up in, and we're still getting to have these family times there!

We said goodbye to mom and dad in the morning and headed over to Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, to join the Czech Summit which has been going on since Monday.

Dave was here at CCC all day yesterday, and then last night we went together for dinner and a program with everyone who has come from around the US to be here.

The Summit is a gathering for US partner churches who come to serve with JV in the Czech Republic, and have a heart to collaborate on how to best serve our team and the Czech churches they do camps with in the summer. I'm not sure how many people were here, but I know there were churches represented from at least Alaska, Texas, California, Illinois and Colorado!

This morning after Dave spoke from the Word, I had the opportunity to talk about the JV Prayer Room -- something concrete that they can be a part of with us in praying for a movement of God in our part of the world.

I shared some about our inspiration from the Moravians (who came from just a half hour from where we live in Czech!) who started a prayer chain that lasted over a hundred years, that sparked the Great Awakening and a missionary movement that changed the world.

Every great and traceable movement of God throughout history has been preceded by a prayer movement. How I pray that God will use our prayers in the Prayer Room to spark revival and lasting transformation through the work of Jesus in young people's lives across Central and Eastern Europe!

After I finished sharing, all the participants were given an hour to go into the Prayer Room to pray. It meant the world to me that at a conference like this, an hour would be given just for prayer!

When I looked later in the day, we'd already had 54 hours of prayer in the Prayer Room THAT DAY. How I wish that were true every day!

I fully believe God is asking us to faithfully pray for HIS movement across the region of Central and Eastern Europe, and that we will see it.

Dave and I headed to the airport afterwards, only to find our flight delayed.

And eventually cancelled. đź™„

We were rebooked standby for tomorrow morning, so headed to a hotel to spend the night.

We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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