Monday, February 11, 2019

Coming Home to Englewood

We woke up to gray skies and a light dusting of snow in Vail, Colorado this morning after a visit with some dear friends of Josiah Venture.

But by the time we came down from the mountains to Englewood, it was a spectacularly beautiful Colorado afternoon.

And how good it was to come to Dave's mom and dad's house there!

Over fifty years of memories reside in this home where his mom and dad still live. It's the best feeling to come in to sit by the fire on a crisp winter afternoon, and enjoy time with them.

Dave remembers coming home after school as a boy, sitting in that very chair! Like I said, many, many memories here.

And mom did what she's been doing as long as I've know her (which is now 35 years!) - cooking and hosting a fabulous dinner for us!

We gathered around this familiar table once again this evening, to soak in time with them, so thankful for the Lord's kindness and faithfulness in giving them such good health and long life, into their 90's now!

Sure love being here in Englewood with them!

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