Monday, February 18, 2019

Flying West

Back at O'Hare airport this morning, I'm traveling by myself today.

Dave has meetings in Chicago today and tomorrow, but since I didn't need to be here for them, I'm heading west for our last destination on this trip.

My flight today took me through San Francisco, and I had a perfect view of the Golden Gate bridge at sunset as I flew out towards my final destination.

Yes, I'm in Portland, Oregon tonight!

And yes, I'm one of the many Oregonians who can't help by take this picture on the still famous carpet of PDX!

Who knows how that tradition got started! They used to have different, and more famous carpet. But the new one still gets plenty of press through photos of people landing here and taking photos! 

My best friend of nearly forty years, Michelle, picked me up this evening as I'll be with her for the day tomorrow.

We stopped by our old favorite Burgerville on 82nd Ave for a bite of dinner tonight. It's not a Portland visit without it!

Looking forward to some good girlfriend catch up time with her!

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