Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sunday Morning

Waking up to this little guy sure is fun!

Since he and his parents only live a couple of blocks from the church they're serving in, we got to walk from home over to their church for Sunday service this morning.

Juljan is both the pastor of this Brethren church, and the country leader for JV Albania.

On this particular Sunday, the man who founded this church, from Italy, happened to be here visiting! He brought greetings and a short message.

And then Dave had the joy of preaching a message from Ephesians 2.

He started off by taking a selfie with the direction...

And then the other!

But it wasn't just for the purpose of a picture!

He talked about what we see in selfies, and how they're a reflection of us and whatever else is in the photo.

But what if, from a selfie standpoint, we looked in the mirror at Ephesians 2:8-10? What do we see there?

We should see the grace of God, ourselves as His workmanship, created for good works that He has prepared for us THIS WEEK!

He challenged the believers to take spiritual selfies in the week ahead, in order to be reminded of who you are in Christ, what God has done for you, and that He wants to use you for His glory.

After church we had the joy of meeting many of the people in this church, such as the young man above who will be a JV summer intern this coming summer!

And this dear believer who said next time we come, we will come to her house for lunch! I already can't wait!

Charlie and I took a selfie when we got home, just to practice Papa's lesson in a literal sense!

And we had some reading of the first times that he wanted to be with me rather than Papa!

I always loved reading books to my kids, and now love it even more with my grandkids!

After a quick bite of lunch, it was already time to pack up and head to Tirana where we're spending the night before our flight to the US. Charlie was a good at helping Papa bring our suitcases out for us. 😉

This boy is a good, strong worker! He really did help Papa push those suitcases all the way to the door.

And then started taking them back to our room so he could do it all over again! 😂

There's one more special part to our day before leaving Albania, but that's for another post!

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