Sunday, February 10, 2019

Off to the Mountains

Sunday came quickly in Phoenix as we finished up our time here for the JV winter board meetings and JV executive team retreat.

What a joy it is to serve with these friends in ministry!

Mel and Amy Ellenwood are headed to Chicago now for our new missionary orientation with 10 people who have been appointed to serve with Josiah Venture. That starts on Tuesday and finishes on Friday.

While Dave and I still have two weeks left in the States, Brian, our VP of Operations, heads back home to Czech today.

The others who had been here had already gone their separate ways!

Dave and I had the shortest flight of all today...just a hop, skip and jump up to Denver!

We've come to participate in a three day conference for churches around the US who partner with KAM, our JV organization in Czech.

But first, we're heading up to Vail to visit some JV donors there. What a gorgeous day for a drive!

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