Monday, February 25, 2019

Sick Pup

After lots of snuggling and just being with my little furry girl for hours yesterday, this morning we headed back to the vet for another check-up.

He could see that she still was not doing well, so decided to put a little port into her paw and give her medication, hydration and minerals through an IV.

In this surreal moment of fighting for our dog's life, Claire and I sat together in the little hospital room at this vet, talking quietly about her and wondering what would happen next.

This dear man, the vet who has been watching over her since she first got sick in October, is the kindest and most compassionate vet I've ever met. He speaks so gently to her, and does everything in a measured manner so as not to alarm her (or us) as he goes about doing all he can for Kaylee.

After finishing the IV, he said we could take Kaylee home for the rest of the day, but that she needed to come back at 6 PM for another infusion.

I could hardly do anything in those in-between hours except just sit with her on the couch and give my presence to her. She was very quiet, not wanting to go outside.

Soon dusk came and it was time to return to the vet again.

A different vet was on duty this evening, but was equally kind and compassionate towards Kaylee. You love that people of mercy go into these kinds of professions, because when you bring a sick pet, you want to be met with that kind of tender spirit.

After yet another infusion, the vet had me bring her into his office to talk about what to watch for in the night. And to say that he wanted to see her again the next day.

We agreed that I'd return with her at 2 tomorrow. The hope is that she will have responded to the medication and hydration she received today, and begin to recover from whatever this illness is that's afflicting her.

This evening she is SO very quiet. After not having gone out at all since getting home from the vet, I helped her outside, only to have her just lay down on our patio. It's so hard to see her like this.

It's after midnight now, and I'm just not able to go to sleep with her not doing well.

How my heart is hurting tonight for my sweet little girl.

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