Friday, February 22, 2019

Well Loved

Waking up in my mom and dad's home this morning was so precious. Smelling the coffee that my dad had made, and my favorite Jimmy Dean sausage from my mom...those are the best kinds of memories to hold on to.

Yesterday I brought flowers to my mom for her birthday, which is in a few weeks. And today I gave her a scarf that I'd bought last summer in Croatia and saved for her spring birthday! She looks so pretty in it, even sitting here in her familiar place at their kitchen table!

My dad came into the kitchen a few minutes later and I captured this sweet one of them.

Which then led to me saying, "Dave, can you come outside and take some pictures of us?!"

Though it wasn't a sunny day here in Eugene, Oregon, there was sunshine in my soul, seeing my parents together, still loving each other so very well after 58 years of marriage!

I'm so thankful we could come to see them at the end of this stateside trip, and capture photos together that keep the sunshine in my soul when we're apart...they are such wonderful parents!

"Love you so much Dad and Mom! Thanks for loving me so well, and for loving each other so well too. You are a tremendous example to me in your marriage, and in your lives of loving people well, which thankfully includes me!"

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