Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Next Generation

These are my favorite kids in Oregon! 

Being raised by godly parents who are long time friends of ours, and of the whole Patty family, we got to visit them, and their parents, this evening at their farmhouse near Rickreall.

Each one of these precious kids just lights up the room when you're in it!

They love to read, play with each other, work on their farm, help their parents, and have fun!

And they also are attentive when it comes to listening to Dave share with them about what God's doing in JV!

Their mom homeschools them, and part of their curriculum is memorizing Scripture.

They know A LOT!!

It's super the best, godly kind of way...both that their mom and dad make this a priority, and that they already have so much of God's Word in their hearts.

That picture was three of them reciting Isaiah 43:1-4 for me! I have a video of them so that when I need that reminder, I can go back to it. Well done Jonathan, Caleb and Joanna! (And Salome, I heard you saying those verses too - just missed getting you in the picture!).

Peter's grandma joined us for the evening, and we just had the best time all together!

It means the world to us to be loved and cared for by this family, as well as their parents and grandparents. They come from a godly heritage of faith filled people, and are doing an amazing job of passing it on to the next generation!

Peter, Mary and family, we love you all so much!

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