Friday, February 15, 2019

Christmas Comes Late

You know you're in Jackson Hole, Wyoming when....

I know moose aren't really the nicest animals on the planet...while peaceful when left alone, if you get too close they can become aggressive. Thus just waiting on the road this morning for this "baby" moose to find his way up and over the snow bank!

I was driving Dave up to the mountain for a ski day today, a Christmas present from our dear friends that he's getting to take advantage of today.

Meanwhile, I'm having breakfast with this cutie, our god-daughter, and her mom and brother!

Jackson Hole Resort is one of, if not THE, top ski resort in the US. Full of double black diamond slopes (I CAN'T EVEN imagine!!!) Dave had an absolutely fantastic day skiing hard with this bunch.

With so much new snow in the past week he said the amount of powder on top was something he's never experienced or skied in. If you put your pole down, there was no end to powder - you never felt the packed snow beneath.

He had a fantastic day somewhere up there on those slopes!

Thank you Steve and Polly for knowing Dave so well, and blessing him with such a wonderful day!

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