Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sunshine to my Heart

In the midst of my sadness over our sweet little dog who died this week, I had a huge dose of heart medicine this afternoon.

Do you know one of my greatest joys? Walking up two flights of stairs in Ostrava, all the while hearing little giggly voices calling out, "Nonnie!" through the staircase, and then being greeted by these sweet people!

Aw, the joy of grandchildren!!

"Do you want to play with me?", Judah says after I've only been there for a little bit.

OF COURSE I DO! And we set out on a "dinner party" that lasted for a very long time!

There's nothing I love more than imaginative play, and these boys are getting so good at it!

Judah prepared a feast for me, over and over and over again, offering me such delicacies as bacon and eggs, fish and lemon, with a side of potatoes, broccoli, pears and grapes. Oh and he's pretty good at whipping up some pretend lemonade too!

Lara made a wonderful real dinner for us and I enjoyed sitting at their table, soaking in child humor and joy.

After dinner it was back to our table and more cooking. We whipped up some pretty good banana bread in our pretend oven!

It is another mercy from the Lord that these precious ones live nearby, and that they could be balm for my grieving heart tonight. It's not hard to be lifted out of sadness when you see these cute faces gazing up at you.

When Lara asked Judah who he wanted to pray for tonight as we put them to bed, he said without hesitation, "Kaylee", and then asked me to pray. It was easy to thank the Lord for her, and for these boys who brought sunshine to my heart tonight when I needed it most.

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