Tuesday, November 12, 2019

God Honoring Excellence

I only took one photo today, and it doesn't even look like Dave's doing anything...but that's not true!

Dave led our extended iTeam meeting this morning up at Malenovice, something we do every couple of months.

It's a time for this team, who serves the whole of JV, to receive some extra training. Sometimes we're going through new JV training material so we all know how it works. And sometimes we're working on JV core values, as we were today.

The teaching today, on our core value of "God honoring excellence", was a culmination of practices Dave has studied and honed over the years. It was so good! I said to him afterward, "Who ARE you that you know so much about this, but more importantly, DO IT?!" 😂

He gave us five skills of God honoring excellence that got all of us thinking because they were so applicable to our real lives.

1. Think Forward: one minute of planning saves 12 minutes of execution, say the experts!
2. Find the Third Option: don't get caught in binary traps; force yourself to broaden your view.
3. Recognize Decision Points: don’t start a new task without consciously deciding it’s the right one.
4. Manage Mental Energy: plan your energy – don’t waste it on small things. Do your biggest most difficult things at the beginning.
5. Optimize your Environment: noise, clutter, light, distractions are all within your control.

I'm condensing two and a half hours of teaching into a very small package! Even though I have more detailed notes, I want it here so I can quickly go back to it when I need to.

I came home and right away made some changes in the environment where I work, and in planning. And it already helped!

I'm not a strategic thinker like Dave, but I'm a good student and can apply what he taught!

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