Tuesday, November 26, 2019

KAM Living Room

Dave and I drove up to Malenovice today, our training center here in Czech, for a "Living Room" with KAM, our Czech organization of Josiah Venture.

Four times a year, they bring all of their staff from around the country together for a day of fellowship, updates and training.

Sometimes, they invite our iTeam to these events (which they literally call Obývák, or Living Room as they want it to feel like home) so that we can hear more of what's going on in the country we all serve in (though we're serving JV internationally, we all still live here and work in the same offices as KAM in Frydlant n.O.).

It was so good to hear about all that's going on across the country. A new Edge sport's ministry has begun this year, and regional coaches are coaching 300 youth leaders!

Exit Tour, one of our ministries into schools, is also continuing to see God's hand of favor as they get into schools to do their prevention programs for a day, which allows them to share their faith right in the schools (though the Gospel is presented at a concert that all students are invited to).

Fusion music ministry continues to grow as well, as they train more leaders how to reach students using the Gospel-rock choir model that began in JV ten years ago.

We also heard about the renovations that will take place at Malenovice next year. We'll be enclosing our outdoor terrace in order to make more eating spaces in the restaurant, as well as completely updating the kitchen, and renovating bathrooms. The hotel will close at the end of September and open up again in mid-January.

I left feeling so proud of this team, for all the different ways they are pressing into sharing the Gospel! They definitely have bold faith, one of JV's core values.

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