Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sweet Moment

Dave and I didn't get home from Sweden until 11 PM last night, and then both had meetings this morning that we had to be up and out for by 8 AM.

I didn't get back home until almost 7 this evening, and he didn't arrive until 9! So it was a long day, after a long day!

But this made me laugh shortly after I got home.

Know what I'm holding? A cup (or so!) of sugar that I'm letting Claire "borrow"! 😂 We had such a good laugh about that as she stopped by for just two minutes to pick it up, before going on up to Malenovice for an event that she was speaking at tonight. (She was also bringing food and needed to make a dressing that is very yummy, but that calls for a lot of sugar!).

It's the smallest thing, loaning (or in this case, giving!) a cup of sugar to a "neighbor" (who, in this case, is our daughter!). It felt like something out of a 1950's American magazine ad!

But truly, it was a "sweet" moment (pun intended!) and a nice reason to see Claire after a few days of being gone.

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