Thursday, November 7, 2019

Thankful for Family

In 2009, Tyler headed to the States for college, followed by Caleb in 2012 and Claire in 2013.

So for nine years, at least one of our kids was in the States, which meant that when we'd be there, we'd go to wherever they were for a visit.

It's crazy today because none of them are there, which meant not seeing any of our kids for a month while we were in the States this time...until today when Claire stopped by!

She's busy these days, serving our JV kids and families across central and eastern Europe, as well as serving locally in our church with the junior highers.

Tyler and his family are just "down the road" in Ostrava, serving with JV too in the ForMission school, as well as in their local church where Tyler preaches and is an elder.

While Caleb and his family are not local, they are just a plane ride away in Albania, serving with JV as well! They lead the camps ministry for their Albanian team, and are working on language since they've been there just over a year.

It's such an incredible gift that God brought all three of our kids, and their families, back to not only serve in Europe, but to be in the same organization as us.

In this month November when we celebrate Thanksgiving, this is one of the things I am most thankful for!

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