Friday, November 29, 2019

What's Next for Prayer Room

This afternoon Pavel and I met at the KAM/JV office in Frýdlant n.O. to talk about what's next for JV's Prayer Room.

We began building this virtual prayer room website in February 2016, and launched it on January 1, 2017. So we're almost at the end of three years of dedicated prayer to the movement of God that we long to see across Central and Eastern Europe. We've already logged over 26,000 hours of prayer.

But we know that this is just the beginning of what we believe God wants to do through the prayers of many. So we're praying, thinking and dreaming about how to further expand and develop the Prayer Room.

This is an app for another ministry that is inspiring to us

One of the things we're dreaming about is how to make it into an app for an Apple or Android phone. We want the Prayer Room to be not only as accessible as possible, but a beautiful and enjoyable experience.

Our goal is to roll out the app sometime in 2020.

The Bible often says "When you pray..." not "If you pray..."! So if prayer isn't an option, when are we to pray? God tells us in his word to pray in the Spirit on all occasions, pray continuously, to pray when you're in trouble, pray when you're anxious, and to be faithful in prayer (and a whole lot of other times!).

Jesus prayed; the disciples prayed; David prayed; Daniel prayed; Abraham prayed. The importance and example of prayer is throughout the Bible!

It's not just a big vending machine where we come with our asks. But it's our most intimate way of developing and nurturing our relationship with God...not only as we talk to Him, but as we listen.

One of our board members told me earlier this fall that he feels that the Prayer Room is discipling a new generation of believers. Oh may that be true! I want to be a woman of prayer, and I want our JV team to be a missionary team of prayer....where our walks with God are deep because of it, and where the fruit of our prayers is huge!

Pray with us for God's leading forward in what's next for the Prayer Room!

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