Friday, November 8, 2019

Precious and Treasured

While I was in the States recently, I received a message from someone asking where they could send something to me, that I would receive while still in the States.

The message was from the mom of our JV teammate and dear friend, Mel Ellenwood. I couldn't imagine what his mom, Troy, would be sending to me.

And in my wildest dreams I would never have thought of how precious it would be!

Troy "felted" this incredibly beautiful and treasured piece of art for me!!!!

It's my sweet Kaylee, who passed away this year; who I still miss every time I come home.

Kaylee used to go in and out of that door dozens of times a day! Had to take a picture here in this spot,
 of this 'oh so lovely' likeness of her!

When I opened the package while still in the States, I couldn't believe my eyes...that she would do something so personal and so meaningful for me!

The likeness of her in this "one of a kind piece of art" that Troy so lovingly made, brings Kaylee to life for me back here at home now.

I could hardly wait to come and find a home for this beauty!

It's nearly been nine months since Kaylee died, but I still think of her all the time, especially when I'm home. The house is so quiet without the little clip-clap of her toenails on the floor, and her sweet snuffles as she slept.

But having this likeness of her makes me smile and brings me such joy remembering what a good dog she was, and how much I loved her.

With ALL MY HEART, thank you Troy for this most precious and treasured gift!!!!!!

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