Monday, November 18, 2019

Swedish Brothers and Sisters

Dave and I left early this morning from Prague, bound for Sweden!

The last time I was here was in 1989 ... thirty years ago! Back then, Dave and I drove from Germany to go camping that summer, not too far from where we'll be this week, speaking at a conference.

The Göteborg airport has such a different feel than Prague - you could definitely feel the Scandinavian influence here, which is so different than our part of Europe.

But some things are the same everywhere!

Not knowing what we'd find on the drive, we stopped for a familiar lunch!

With an hour and a half drive in front of us, I was so curious what the countryside would look like, and if I would remember anything.

But today turned out to be a very gray, dreary, wet day in Sweden so we didn't see much.

I'm sure we would have seen more scenic views had we taken a road other than the main highway. This part of the country is filled with fjords and lakes - at least, we could see them on the map!

Mid-afternoon we arrived at the sight for the conference, excited to meet people and be with this group of Christians who serve with EFS, in Sweden, as well as in some African countries. It is an independent organization within the Church of Sweden, and their vision is, " see people and communities transformed by Jesus."

Our first meeting with the group of 250, started not long after we arrived.

I recognized the very first song!

I don't speak any Swedish, but I know a melody when I hear it; "Ten Thousand Reasons" by Matt Redman, was so sweet to sing with our brothers and sisters in Christ here.

While I can't read all of this, I do recognize it!

Dave spoke this evening on the topic of God as Father, from the book that he wrote, "Father God".

It was especially precious to watch the leadership team serve their team members at the end,  gathered in four corners for prayer on the four streams of the Father's heart: identity, love, pleasure and place. People seemed to be receiving God's Father heart for them as they were prayed for.

Though we came in today knowing very few people, we have new friends tonight who are like hearted in their love for Jesus. What a special evening to share with them.

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