Tuesday, November 5, 2019

On Our Way Back Home

What a surprise to find that one of our JV teammates and her daughter were on the same flight as us from Chicago to Munich last night!

Brooke, and her husband and daughter had been in the States for a wedding over the week-end, so were flying back to Slovenia.

Thanks to her mom, who works for the airline, they get passes that make it much more affordable to fly. But it also means they sometimes have to take separate flights! So she and her daughter were on ours, and her husband was on a completely different one.

What a sweet connection to see them on our way back home!

We flew on to Vienna where we picked up our luggage for the last time on this particular trip.

While I actually enjoy flying, being in airports, and seeing all the people we get to meet with, it felt great to get in our own car this afternoon and head home to the Czech Republic after a month on the road.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in our own bed tonight!

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