Monday, November 11, 2019

Judah is Four!

We have a four year old in the family!

This afternoon Dave and I drove into Ostrava to get to Tyler and Lara's a little early, before the birthday party began, so we could have a few quiet minutes as a family to celebrate Judah.

At 4:00, guests started arriving...outside!

Today is not only Judah's birthday, and Veteran's Day in the US, but it's Saint Martin's day here in Czech, which gets a celebration all of its own here in Ostrava on the square, just below where Tyler, Lara and boys live!

Friends began to meet us outside on the square where booths are open with food and drinks.

There are a few booths selling fun things, like this one that Papa found!

Judah got to choose whichever balloon he wanted as a special gift from Papa!

After watching some folk dancing and a sword fight for the celebration...

...we all came inside for dinner and birthday festivities!

Judah's request was cupcakes (and hot chocolate with marshmallows) so he got to blow out a lot of candles!

Soon after it was time for gifts, which were happily opened and appropriately oohed and ahhed over by all!

It was such a sweet evening with family and friends, celebrating our dear Judah!

Judah, maybe someday you'll read this when you're older, and if you do, I want you to know how much I loved and enjoyed you today as a new four year old!! You are full of joy, energy, strength and delight in life. And it's so special to watch you grow into such a wonderful boy! Your Nonnie loves you a lot!

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