Monday, November 4, 2019

Thanks for Prayer

We left Orlando this morning, where we've been visiting friends for the week-end, and headed to Chicago in order to catch our flight over the ocean this evening.

We've been on the road for nearly a month, visiting people and churches literally coast to coast across the States. Dave and I both commented today as we began our travels back home, that this has been one of the richest times we've had here. Which I think is true because people have been praying for us!

I put a request into our online JV Prayer Room before we started, and have been receiving messages throughout these weeks from people who let me know what they were praying for. What an encouragement to us!

As we got on our transatlantic flight tonight, we both said that we don't feel weary, but rather energized by our travels. That can only be thanks to God and his people who have upheld us! 

We'll try to get some sleep on the plane tonight, and maybe, just maybe, avoid jet lag when we arrive home thanks to all those prayers!

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