Sunday, November 10, 2019

Fusion Musical

Last night, Claire and I went to see a very unique Fusion choir concert led by some of our JV staff!

Shelby and Hanka, who live in Ostrava and serve at a church there, produced this western themed musical for their Fusion camp this past summer. The students learned all the music, all the lines, all the blocking (that's theater language for precise staging of actors to facilitate a performance), and all the instruments in just one week's time!

Because it was so much work, and turned out so well the first time around, they decided to work with their Fusion students this fall to prepare another performance of it. I'm so glad they did!

Sitting in the audience reminded me of all the years I did musicals when I was in high school, and how much fun they were to be a part of. These Czech students don't have those same opportunities in their high schools here (no drama, choir or band in the sports, honor society or cheerleading either), so this was a very unique experience for them.

Using English songs, Shelby and Hanka wrote a musical based on the biblical story of the Prodigal Son, put in a western cowboy context!

This resulted in a delightful and truly excellent performance tonight!

Before the show began, as Shelby was introducing it, she said something to the effect of hoping we would not only laugh and enjoy the performance, but that perhaps we might even cry.

I literally did, as the son came home to his father in the end.

As I sat in the audience, on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, which then led to the fall of communism and open doors for the Gospel in this part of the world, I thought, "This wouldn't be happening tonight if it wasn't for that monumental event that took place through the prayers and bravery of people who stood for freedom back then."

What's so cool about tonight's performance is that these students don't leave this community of people in Fusion and just go back to their regular lives. They will continue to meet week after week, learning more songs and how to play more instruments.

But more importantly, they'll continue to hear about the Lord at each Fusion practice, and get to live in community all school year long...and then go to another camp next summer!

I'm so proud of Shelby, and all those who do Fusion ministry across our JV countries. If I was a high schooler here, I'd DEFINITELY want to be in one of those choirs!!!

Shelby, Claire and Denny (who serves on our iTeam) with me after the concert!

So proud of you Shelby and Hanka for giving these young people such an awesome opportunity to be part of your Fusion choir!!!!

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