Wednesday, November 27, 2019

"Home" for Thanksgiving

For the past twenty one years, we've been celebrating Thanksgiving up at Malenovice! I've only missed one in all those years, which is good because it's something I look forward to all year!

After we purchased Malenovice in 1998, we began celebrating there, only taking a break the year that we renovated in 2000/01. It's become home to all of us for many different kinds of events, but Thanksgiving is the one that most feels like "coming home"!

I didn't take any pictures tonight, except for that one, because I was too busy catching up with some of the 150 people who are here until Friday! Yes, it's like one huge family reunion to have everyone gather here...and we're actually just one of four different JV Thanksgivings that will take place around Europe!

Thankful for JV family at this time of year, as we celebrate the goodness, kindness and faithfulness of God together. 

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