Saturday, March 14, 2020

Family Time Amidst the Chaos

Despite the ever increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, even here in our area of the world, today at our house was one of those oh so good days you wish you could preserve, save and "bottle up"!

Caleb and Charlie had just gone outside to send up the drone, when Judah and Asher arrived - duly impressed by their uncle's drone skills!

Wish I had a video of their responses as Caleb zoomed it up, down and around at dizzying speeds! Impressive!

The fun continued inside once everyone had taken off their coats and gotten settled in for some cousin/uncle play time!

Caleb, Haley, Charlie and Jenna have been with us since the middle of January, as they were waiting for Jenna's birth. Once she arrived, and all the necessary documents were finished for her, they hoped to leave for home in Albania this coming week, where they serve with JV.

But due to restrictions put into place today by the Czech government because of the coronavirus, they can't leave the country until the 30 day restriction is lifted. We are in quarantine here in Czech.

So while we thought today would be our last family time all together for a while, it looks like it's continuing now for at least another month. We're sad for the reason, but happy for the result!

What looks like a celebratory pose is really just Asher following through on me teaching him how to raise his arms as he flies off the bed onto a mattress!

The boys jumped right into some of their favorite pastimes at Papa and Nonnie's the shoe shop Judah sets up EVERY TIME with shoes from Papa's closet! Charlie's enjoying buying those shoes from Judah!

Asher then called Charlie in to the spare bedroom to join him in a round of flying off the bed. Oh the antics they come up with!

While they were busy having fun upstairs, everyone else was in the kitchen getting caught up on life these past two weeks since they were last together when Jenna was born.

I came back upstairs to find Judah in the spare bedroom...not flying off the bed like the other two still were...but doing another favorite of his (just like his daddy used to!).

Meanwhile, these two kept coming up with things to amuse themselves.

Asher to Charlie: "You wanna come up here on Papa's chair with me?"

Soon they were off to the downstairs, wanting to play the piano together. I joined in for not just a DUET, but a "TRUET" (that's my own word for three people playing at once 🤣) Honestly, these boys share a love for music, and just might end up being musicians one day!

With the beautiful blue sky and sunshine outside, you'd never know there was anything more going on in the world than a good afternoon of play inside at Nonnie's play area (that's what Charlie calls it!).

We all gathered in the living room for a family photo can we not?! This was our first time all together WITH JENNA!!!

Speaking of the princess...she snoozed a lot, but was lovingly adored by all family members!

Asher was especially sweet with her, and wanted to hold her (with the help of his uncle Caleb!).

Claire made an absolutely amazing dinner for all of us tonight called Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. I've never had anything like it, but absolutely loved it, as did everyone else!

After dinner, the boys led me upstairs and I think I read at least 10 books to them, if not more! That is my idea of a GOOD TIME!!!

It was truly such a refreshing afternoon and evening, shutting out the world events for a few hours, as we just enjoyed family time here at our house amidst the chaos outside.

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