Monday, March 2, 2020

Home Improvement

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know it's named after this mountain outside the windows of our house here in the Czech Republic, Lysá hora.

In keeping with my title, "Living by Lysa", come on down the road for a peek into what's happening at our house these days as we 'live by Lysa'!

We built our house in 2003/04, because the house we previously owned in Havirov, had a serious mold problem that compromised all of our immune systems, but most dramatically, Claire's. It caused us to move out of that house in 2001, and we lived in a small apartment at Malenovice, our training center, for three years.

Moving into a "clean" house  in April 2004 was an unbelievable blessing to our family, and there has honestly not been a day that's gone by since that I haven't thanked the Lord for this home. His gift of this home makes me happy every day!

Aside from the main house, we have a small apartment over our garage that has been used by many people through the years; most recently by a family who lived here for 7 1/2 years!

Through the generosity of some dear friends of ours, we were given the resources to update and renovate this apartment - and that renovation is happening now!

We put in a loft over the living room/kitchen space which will open up space below where previously there was a bed, along with living room furniture.

And we are renovating the bathroom due to mold issues and water leakage. It previously looked like this.

And today, looks like this.

We were able to open up the bathroom into space that was used for a water heater that is no longer needed, which will make it more pleasant for people who use it. We're also putting in a tub, when previously there was just a tiny shower. And it will also get floor to ceiling tiles in order to prevent mold in the future.

Kind of makes me want to move over there when it's done just to enjoy it! 😅 But I'm sure it will get used by many others in the coming years, who will benefit from the renovation.

I'm still happy to be over in our house, especially these days as I hang out with Charlie before he and his new little sister return to Albania with their mom and dad!

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