Sunday, March 1, 2020

Charlie Welcomes Jenna

Charlie's happy face greeted me this morning when I came downstairs! 

Haley's mom, dad and sister have been with him since Friday while Caleb and Haley were at the hospital with Jenna, who was born on Thursday.

This morning started like every other morning, with Charlie in the "play area", as he calls it here at our house.

He and Mimi read a book together that Aunt Ally had brought for him - a special Curious George book since he loves that character.

And then, news came from Caleb: they were on their way home!! We didn't know if, or when, they'd be coming, so this sent all of us into action to get ready for their arrival.

Charlie had on his heart to give a birthday party for Jenna, so had already been working on the details of that (no kidding!).

Balloons and streamers, along with a cake he baked yesterday with Aunt Ally, were prepared for her homecoming.

And every artist has last minute changes to their works of art!

Everything on that picture was drawn by him!

He finished just in time!

Sweet Jenna has arrived home to Papa and Nonnie's house, the first place she'll live before going home to Albania!

Claire captured Charlie on video as they walked in, with him saying very first of all, "JENNA!!!!!"

He then wanted to show mommy and daddy his picture for Jenna!

That meant the paparazzi went wild, capturing the now family of four, home safe and sound!

All the while, Jenna remained her calm, peaceful self. ☺️

Lots of greetings, hugs and kisses were given to Jenna, but none more enthusiastically than by Charlie!

It was so sweet watching him reach out to her!

And learn the meaning of gentle touch!!

Aunt Ally lit the candles and Charlie led all of us in one of his favorite songs (that he bursts into often!), "Happy Birthday"!

When he finished the song with, "...happy birthday dear Jenna..." we all smiled and clapped! It couldn't have been sweeter!

And he got the first piece of birthday cake, in honor of his baby sister!

Caleb and Haley have done a fantastic job of preparing him for his sister, and you could see that pay off as he welcomed her into the house with smiles and sweet touches.

He then told his mommy that Jenna needed to see the play area! He's going to be a great big brother, introducing his sister to all sorts of things in life that he already knows about.

Soon it was time for Aunt Ally to leave - amazingly the timing worked out for her to get to see Jenna come home from the hospital before she had to fly back home to Ireland, where she lives with her husband.

Her presence here this past week has been so she spent time with her sister, and then caring for Charlie while Haley was at the hospital. We'll all never forget how God worked out the timing so perfectly for her to be here for Jenna's birth!

Speaking of siblings...will this be Charlie and Jenna someday?!!!

We see all the signs of Charlie and his sister being good friends, just like Caleb and Claire still are today (along with Tyler too, and as Haley is with her sister and brothers!).

What a beautiful gift Jenna is to Charlie - a best friend forever!

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