Friday, March 6, 2020

Sweet Siblings

Oh these two cutie pies, brother and sister as of eight days ago!

In some ways it seems like yesterday when baby Caleb (Charlie and Jenna's dad) was laying next to his big brother, Tyler!

I know that in a blink of an eye, Charlie and Jenna will grow up. So while I have them at our house, I want to capture all these sweet moments between them when they're both little.

And capture this amazing mommy, Haley, who is doing an incredible job at loving and caring for her two sweet children!

I know that she and Caleb intentionally prepared Charlie for the arrival of his sister. But to see in person, how he loves and adores her, is so precious, and an incredible reflection on their excellent parenting!

This was a screenshot from a video of Charlie singing to his sister!

My heart and arms are full these days, getting to love on Charlie and Jenna while they're still at our house.

I bless the Lord for his kindness in giving us these sweet days together.

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