Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday Surprise

Our family has decided that we need each other more frequently in these days of the quarantine lockdown, so we've agreed on Wednesday night dinners together, and Saturday sleepovers.

These boys are happy about that decision!

But what they're also happy about is a surprise that Nonnie had for them this afternoon once they'd arrived.

Knowing that our weather is still unstable (it's often too cold to play outside) and that we've got some more days of being indoors, without going anywhere (except for Tyler and Lara driving their family here twice a week from Ostrava), I asked Dave if I order something online, and have it delivered (so I didn't have to go out) that would provide a platform for fun for our little boys.

It arrived this morning, and their dads put it together this afternoon, making these boys very happy!

As Caleb says, "This is more than a one trick pony"! It's a slide, it's a little climbing wall, it's a fort underneath...

And it's a platform from which to play all sorts of games!

They had so much fun here throughout the afternoon and evening, though I waited too long to get a photo with them in front of it to remember the day Nonnie surprised them!

Asher was not excited about taking a photo!

I hope this will give them lots of joy over the coming days and weeks until it's nice enough to go outside!

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