Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Dealing with the Virus

Today has been a sobering day.

The coronavirus, known officially as COVID-19, is coming on fast and furious here in Europe. You've probably heard the news about Italy, how they have already sealed their borders because of the serious impact from the spread of this virus - thousands of cases, and hundreds of deaths.

We are now being impacted as well, and today it was announced that schools will be closed across the Czech Republic for a month, and meetings are limited to only 100 people or less. The government is monitoring the situation very carefully, and there could very well be more restrictions put into place before this passes.

The implications for us as a ministry are beginning to come into sight. Big events that have been planned for months and months, must be cancelled. Churches must close if they are over 100 people in size. Many other countries are in consideration of school closures, like has already happened here.

This means the coming months will look very different for us and the ministry to young people. Pray for God's wisdom as we adjust and assess the situation, especially thinking about summer camps.

No one knows when this virus will be brought under control. Until then, we look to our God, who is always in control. Pray that we get on his agenda and join him in what he's doing through this difficult time.

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