Friday, March 20, 2020

Happiness Is...

Oh the joy of having Charlie and his family with us right now during the Coronavirus lockdown here in the Czech Republic.

While we're not leaving our property (except every few days for groceries), we DO leave the house each day to get some fresh air.

And today Charlie and I were on a search for what we could put in his bucket to bring back to his mama!

We didn't walk very far before we saw the miniature daffodils, blooming in my garden outside the kitchen window!

Of course he wanted to pick the second, and only other daffodil blooming, to bring inside for her!

What a sweet moment, watching him hand them to her (while Caleb and I tried to document the moment!)

With his mission accomplished (I thought we'd find lots of things to bring inside, but I forgot that toddlers go from one thing to the next so quickly!), he invited his daddy to come outside with us and get some fresh air!

They ran circles around the yard, sometimes together, and sometimes with daddy being the one to do the running.

We ended up our playtime over at the slide, which is just perfect for him right now!

The joy continued back inside as Charlie checked in on Jenna, and even let her "hold" his beloved "Lightning McQueen" car that he hardly lets out of his sight (and in fact, has multiples of!).

In these days that are unlike any other, it is pure happiness to share it with these sweet ones!

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  1. So loving your family posts Connie! It does our hearts good to see our precious grands and greats doing life with you and at such an unprecedented time as this! Thank you for the blessing your blog is to us!!!