Friday, March 13, 2020

Surgery Success

Every day this week we have woken up to worse and worse news about the spread of the coronavirus here in Europe. World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared it a pandemic, meaning it's a worldwide epidemic.

But real life goes on here despite the discouraging news of its spread.

When I walked up the sidewalk to my friend Sharon's house this morning, I saw a much more pleasant "spread" - the sněženky (snowdrops) are happily out in force right now as Spring is on its way!

Seeing them lightened my spirits as I came up to the house to see Sharon, and pray for her husband, Paul, who was in surgery this morning.

In January I wrote about the difficulties that Paul, friend, brother in Christ and teacher at Beskydy Mountain Academy here in Frydlant, was facing.

Today, the ileostomy that had to be done back then, was successfully reversed - praise the Lord! He will have another 4-6 weeks of recovery, but as of today, all is well.

Had Paul checked into the hospital one day later than he did (on Monday), he would not have been able to have his surgery this week since hospitals are going into lockdown mode, dealing with the impending crisis of the virus. But he did, and now his surgery is done - God took care of him!

Praying now that he will recover quickly, perhaps even quicker than normal, so that he can get home to his wife and family, and continue on with the process of healing.

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