Friday, March 20, 2020

Resources for Troubles

Because of the ever changing events of the coronavirus crisis, Dave asked our JV staff to gather again today for a webinar.

Unlike last week when people were still able to be at our JV office in Frydlant, he was there completely alone today. Our communications team ran the webinar remotely since we all on quarantine at our homes.

Before giving updates from around the JV team, he went right to the Word to give us some encouragement.

Dave read from 2 Corinthians 1:3-5, and then talked about our Father who is compassionate and feeling with us in the midst of these difficult days, and how that means that He is emotionally impacted by what we're feeling. He doesn't have to come close, but does; and that coming close helps us to move forward in our troubles.

He pointed out that the Greek word for "troubles" means pressure and a sense of being limited and hemmed in. That sure describes these days of the coronavirus spreading around the world.

In verse five it talks about the sufferings of Christ, and how the overflow of Jesus' suffering gives us resources today because Jesus was victorious over those sufferings. He shared how we won't be able to comfort others unless we receive those resources, and take seriously our need to draw near to, and from Him, for what we need during this time.

For me personally, this means spending extra time with the Lord during these days, receiving His comfort and resources so that I can walk through this time of trouble in a victorious way; and so that I have resources to pass on to others.

No one knows how long this time of troubles will last; but it's good to be reminded that we have what we need, from the Lord, in the midst of them.

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