Sunday, March 1, 2020

First Twelve Hours

And just like that, Jenna is home from the hospital and experiencing her first day of "normal" life!

How sweet it is to love this little girl!

While everyone napped (including Jenna) I just sat right here in this chair and soaked in the goodness of God expressed in this precious girl!

Once everyone was awake, real life took over quickly, with push up rides on daddy for Charlie!

And snoozes in the bouncy seat for Jenna.

Jenna joined in the bedtime routine tonight for the first time!

Charlie wanted to read his book about how to be a big brother, along with his Curious George book that Aunt Ally had brought him from Ireland!

Jenna soaked it all in!

Seeing Caleb holding her in the kitchen later on, as he chatted with Claire, seemed like the most natural and normal thing to happen in an evening.

And yet it's crazy to think, she hasn't even been here for 12 hours yet!

But she fits right into the family as if she's always been here!

We love you Jenna!!

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